Your Free Disk Cloning Software

Are you having problems cloning your partitioned hard disk for reasons identified but your free cloning software does not do what it is supposed to do?

If you are a novice or someone who does not have time to wonder around problems when duplicating a hard disk drive, here’s an option for you.

Use Macrium Reflect (free ed.)¬† and DriveImage XML (private ed.) disk copying software in tandem. Marium Reflect is good for the root/primary partition copy while I had no problem at all using the DriveImage XML to duplicate the other remaining partitions (even if all are primary and/or target disk drive is of different size). You don’t even need to boot from a USB, no DOS mode like screens, and you can get it done in minutes duplicating a 200gb+ disk drive.

Both Macrium and DriveImage software  are do-it-yourself disk copying tool. You wont have much trouble using , the menu options and descriptions are explanatory in itself. But use it at your own risk.