Suddenly it’s corporate takeover

Whatever you do, be competent in your current job. It’s the only true currency you have. That being said, no amount of competence will protect you when the next re-organization comes.

For all of the reputation that corporations are soul-sucking, back-stabbing, political jungles where you can only rise by stepping on the heads of others, they also provide employment, benefits and a bit of security that support millions of people and their families world wide.

-Rob Pawlikowski

I’ve worked for this company for some time, then quit and became an  independent IT Specialist. There were instances that  I’ve been called back to do troubleshooting on existing computer programs that I previously enhanced. Eventually I became a part of the company again on retainer, did Systems Administrator work as added responsibility.


Very often, you will be held accountable for tasks that weren’t even your responsibility in the first place.

But meritocracy is. There will be times when undeserving people will get credit for the work you do, simply because they are higher up on the corporate ladder.

-Ankush Bahuguna

Suddenly, It’s a corporate takeover. Decade of camaraderie down the drain. Not sure who to turn to, who you can trust. The IT Department is ripe for the takeover by non-IT trained people.  The wheels are again turning like before. The IT people are again to be blamed but never the non-IT persons who took over and led the IT Department.