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We believe in transformative future of Business. Over the past years, we have seen the growth of Information Technology (IT), leveraging the business playing fields between small and big companies to market and inform. We have also seen the variety of online tools that continuously evolving and are flooding the internet to help businesses grow. With all the information available to us, you are bound to ask the basic questions; "Do we have the expertise?", "Do we have the time to do online solutions inhouse?", "How can we grow our business online?", "Is it better to outsource development and management?", "Do we have the budget?".

We welcome every opprtunity to help. Small or big projects is the same with us, we put ourselves in your shoes and work with you to make sure that we set the right budget with realistic goals. We will make use of the internet to deliver your message, we can come up with a plan not just to develop and manage your online business but to direct you to the most cost effective marketing approach to get viewers interested with your products and services. -- To top it all, the solutions we provide and IT services we offer are very much affordable...


We develop for startups, small to mid-sized businesses, and outsourcing

Our business solution covers IT Consultancy, Web Design and Development, Ecommerce Portal, Mobile Apps, Web Application Programming, Data Driven Software Development, Systems administration and management. We also support legacy systems maintenance and conversion.

Services to get you started

kidlatz low cost website development
hfw development affordable managed website services
filipinodeveloper free job posting and resume upload
projuect400 web design, graphics and animation, business identity concepts
amazingrecruitment recruitment website design for employment agency



Affordable website hosting, lowest rates for domain, low-cost web development, all at Kidlatz.com

Technology and frameworks supported

Impresspages, Opencart, Prestashop, OSClass
Kidlatz Thunder, CodeIgniter, Yii
Front Accounting (erp), Gibbon School Platform
PHP, DotNET, HTML, CSS, Foxpro (legacy systems)
Andoid, iOS