Your Free Disk Cloning Software

Are you having problems cloning your partitioned hard disk for reasons identified but your free cloning software does not do what it is supposed to do?

If you are a novice or someone who does not have time to wonder around problems when duplicating a hard disk drive, here’s an option for you.

Use Macrium Reflect (free ed.)  and DriveImage XML (private ed.) disk copying software in tandem. Marium Reflect is good for the root/primary partition copy while I had no problem at all using the DriveImage XML to duplicate the other remaining partitions (even if all are primary and/or target disk drive is of different size). You don’t even need to boot from a USB, no DOS mode like screens, and you can get it done in minutes duplicating a 200gb+ disk drive.

Both Macrium and DriveImage software  are do-it-yourself disk copying tool. You wont have much trouble using , the menu options and descriptions are explanatory in itself. But use it at your own risk.


Suddenly it’s corporate takeover

Whatever you do, be competent in your current job. It’s the only true currency you have. That being said, no amount of competence will protect you when the next re-organization comes.

For all of the reputation that corporations are soul-sucking, back-stabbing, political jungles where you can only rise by stepping on the heads of others, they also provide employment, benefits and a bit of security that support millions of people and their families world wide.

-Rob Pawlikowski

I’ve worked for this company for some time, then quit and became an  independent IT Specialist. There were instances that  I’ve been called back to do troubleshooting on existing computer programs that I previously enhanced. Eventually I became a part of the company again on retainer, did Systems Administrator work as added responsibility.


Very often, you will be held accountable for tasks that weren’t even your responsibility in the first place.

But meritocracy is. There will be times when undeserving people will get credit for the work you do, simply because they are higher up on the corporate ladder.

-Ankush Bahuguna

Suddenly, It’s a corporate takeover. Decade of camaraderie down the drain. Not sure who to turn to, who you can trust. The IT Department is ripe for the takeover by non-IT trained people.  The wheels are again turning like before. The IT people are again to be blamed but never the non-IT persons who took over and led the IT Department.


Kidlatz new design for 2016

Done and live!.

The new Kidlatz website look for 2016. Kidlatz development team used the current Basic layout under Kidlatz-Open Plan, just to show  how versatile a low-cost website development package under Kidlatz can be.

New look but same hands-free website hosting services. Now with a new product line for 2016, the Do-It-Yourself domain registration and renewal.

A web design for J.Arzadon Consulting

We are happy to say that the new website for J.Arzadon Consulting had been launched without a glitch. Simple, clean, and direct…

Development was done using a mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. So this means less cost for clients who wants a website development from the ground up.

Visit the new site and see.

Integration and migration to SAP

We will see how things go. We are being eyed to integrate a company’s old system to SAP. If all goes well, this will give us a chance to share our expertise at a much lower cost to the client.

Then maybe, we can start offering integration services at a competitive standard rate. Surely with our expertise at providing affordable services, this would not be a problem for us.

Online School Management System

We are closing a deal for a hosted School Platform. This will be used by an international school looking to outsource the technical responsibility of a web based school application system.

This will be a managed website service by HFW Development. A good choice to have your website managed on a yearly basis, not to mention the saving gained!.

Payroll Annualized Income Tax Deduction

Completed changes on an annualized income tax deduction formula to be adjusted per pay period. Remade the codes and updated computations to current needs.

The job is to make sure that better analysis and computations are implemented based on current laws. A zero income tax returns using best practice analytics implemented as a module to an existing Payroll System.

Digital Marketing Engagement for Small Business and Startup

We are now in the process of planning for a small business to go online. We will handle the online operations, online marketing, online selling, and will be the online dealer for local and global retail.  Using the internet for direct engagement with consumers and end user.

We will also propose innovation and improvements to make sure that the client’s product line stands out on a different level and opportunity.

This is part of our service. To provide the opportunity and support for small businesses and startups.  Making online business a 1-2-3 process, not just for revenue, but to be competitive using available tools in the market.

Enhancing website managed services

A very busy months ahead. Fine tuning an enhance service to cater current clients’ needs. We are currently working on and (HFW), filling the service gap using HFW as the gap fixer.

We are rolling out a new and better website framework for general purpose websites and e-commerce portal sites. These translates to a more beautiful website, more functionality, more user control, with the only thing less is the hassle in maintaining the website…

Welcome to J.Arzadon Consulting Blog

Welcome to J.Arzadon Consulting Blog
Welcome to J.Arzadon Consulting Blog


Welcome readers!.

We will do our utmost to make sure that this blog is current with regards to our services and work updates. This blog page is for information drive, to let the people know what we do and how we can help you.

Thank you for visiting.